Windows, I Do Not Miss Thee

So I had to take an exam (of sorts) yesterday and it had 50 questions, half of which were based on Windows. I knew 95% of them without looking up the answers, but it made em realize that I have been Windows free for some time now!

My favorite question was this…..

When using the Windows Search function to locate the file named “File1.txt”, the Search results shows two instances of the file located somewhere on drive C:. Which of the following pairs would be possible Windows Search results:




C:Folder CFile1.txt
C:Folder Cfile1.txt

The third option is the correct answer…  but the first answer could also be correct in my world (Linux). Yes, my MacBook will yell at me just like Windows though.

The point is, being tested about Windows not only made me realize I forgot how Windows free I was living, but also how much I really despise Windows. Saying this immediately means I will soon find myself in a position of being required to use Windows daily, but if it means I am busy making money, whilst using Windows, I’ll take it. (The devil’s ears just perked up)


1 Comments on “Windows, I Do Not Miss Thee

  1. I totally know how you feel. I have a client right now taking over 50hrs a week developing .net projects… not going to complain too loud while the cheques keep clearing.