Screaming at the Box

scream1Do you ever go to drive through food establishments? I do occasionally and though I should probably be completely avoiding them with nicknames like Taco Hell, Taco Smell, McDeath, Kentucky Fried Crap, etc., I still end up doing the lap of shame for lunch from time to time.

So here’s a question for all of you Fast Food Foodies… How often do you have to repeat yourself?

Not sure why, but I swear I repeat myself EVERY time I go for a burrito. And I’m not talking about them mistaking one thing for another. I am talking about entire sentences that seem to have fallen off track before they got to window guys ear. Here’s an example… I pull up to Taco He.. ahem… Bell and when prompted to do so, I ask for a 7 layer burrito with no guacamole, a bean burrito, and maybe a drink. The response, after a notable pause is as follows…. “You want a bean burrito and a wha?” in the laziest voice I have ever heard. C’Mon! Your job is to listen to orders and punch the appropriate pictures on the register. I know “a lot” is going on in there, but don’t ask me to order if you have your one headset ear focused on things other than what crap I want to buy…

After it happened several times at more than one establishment, I decided to opt for a simpler system. No more specialty orders like burritos without guacamole, I’m sticking with the numbers ordering system. I find the number I want and say it when asked. I don’t say it lightly, sheepishly, or with the window up, yet the word “Wha?” still manages it’s way into the reply. What the crap!? So what now!?

The solution is to yell, you know, like people talk to blind people on television. Super loud and slow… I… WOULD…. LIKE… A… NUMBER…. 7… WITH… A… COKE…! The main drawback to this method is the unavoidable shame that comes with broadcasting your order to not only the headset inside, but to everyone in line waiting to order. I have decided to accept this reality and simply wear sunglasses and a hat on those days when Supersize, Milkshake, and Extra Fries are part of the order… I just hope this doesn’t become habit and I happen to “slip up” and yell my order inside as well. Though it might be kinda fun.

10 Comments on “Screaming at the Box

  1. I'm not driving until june, but yeah loud and slow is definitely good 🙂

    BTW – the "or post using OpenID" doesn't work Kamen…

    • It seems Intense Debate is "working", but the backend is not working properly.. therefore I have yet to actually "configure" it….. so it does not surprise me that some of it isn't working.