Jitterbug Driveby


Source: Soul Assassins

One of my homies, Roger Jao, who used to work for Cypress Hill’s marketing company is a big music collector and happens to have a lot of friends who are DJs. He has an extensive catalogue of themed playlists that he’s compiled, and he hired a group of his DJ friends to mix them as part of an ongoing, downloadable mixtape series. This one here was the one I did called Jitterbug Driveby which features classic swing, jazzy hip-hop, party rock and some official DJ SOLO blends. It’s a bangin, feel-good summertime mix, so get it while it’s HOT!

[audio:Jitterbug Driveby.mp3]

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Jitterbug Driveby Tracklist:

01. Intro/Lucas With The Lid Off – Lucas (Us3)
02. Minnie The Moocher (SOLO RMX) – Cab Calloway
03. Don’t Mean A Thing (SOLO RMX) – Duke Ellington
04. Lust For Life – Iggy Pop
05. Walking The Dog (break) – Cab Calloway
06. Life Goes To A Party – Benny Goodman
07. Last Night – The Strokes
08. Intergalactic (break) – Beastie Boys
09. I Am Music – Common
10. Seed 2.0 – The Roots
11. Mid-Town Philly (break) – Soho & Boys II Men
12. That’s Hot Music – Soho (Solo RMX)
13. Me, Myself & Shay-Shay (Break) – De La Soul & Dr. Buzzard
14. Cherchez La Femme – Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band
15. Weird Side – Eyedea
16. Dumb It Down – Ugly Duckling
17. Rappin Duke (break) – Rappin Duke
18. Charleston Butterfly – Parov Stelar
19. Let The Sunshine In (break) – The 5th Dimension
20. Traveling At The Speed Of Thought – Ultramagnetic M.C.s
21. Get A Move On – Mr. Scruff
22. Do Your Thing – Basement Jaxx
23. Song 2 – Blur
24. Reefer Man (break) – Cab Calloway
25. Get Off Of My Cloud – The Rolling Stones
26. You Really Got Me All Day – The Kinks (SOLO re-edit)
27. I Can’t Get No Satisfaction (Live) – The Rolling Stones
28. Dynamite – Junior Senior
29. What I Like About Hip- Hop (DJ SOLO Mashup) – The Romantics and Dead Prez