Santonio Holmes Touchdown Replay

If you were watching Super Bowl 43 last Sunday, you probably watched this pivotal play that was a big reason the Steelers won.

I watched this replay EVERY time they showed it and by the end of the review was not convinced that Santonio Holmes had both toes down in the end zone. My wife agreed that she never say his toe hit the ground. I noticed during the replays they showed us, the TV viewers, that most were wide angle shots and there wasn’t much in the way of super cool technozoom replay action. Maybe the booth saw the same replays and could not conclusively decide that his toe wasn’t down and therefore decided to let the touchdown stand as it was called.

Well, thanks to technology and the internet, I got to see this…


What do you see? I see a right toe solidly pinned to the back of his left foot and nary a toenail actually touching the ground. Now I suppose it IS possible that it touched just before this shot and then lifted, but I am skeptical.

I say NO GOOD, Cardianls WIN! Good job guys! Your Super Bowl 43 victory shirts are still on their way to somewhere in Africa and you have no bling rings on your fingers, but you may print this picture and gaze at it as you reflect on your win.

12 Comments on “Santonio Holmes Touchdown Replay

    • Not sure why I need to “shut it”, but #10 and #12 are good views and may have been what the booth saw.

      Looks like the Africa bound Cardinals Victory shirts are headed in the right direction.

      NFL Play Review = Not FAiL

  1. i was watching the reply of the game on nfl network and saw the same thing you did. his right toe is hung up on his left. NO Touchdown

    i think you should email this to ESPN it wont change the game but it will open the eyes that the cards played one hell of a game