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Now THAT’s a logo…. So yeah, Trevor and I have been working hard to do all of that pesky business startup stuff… It’s funny, we have been so busy with actual work that we have little more than a logo to show off for our own identity.

Now… if you are my full time employer… stop reading… or read on whilst filled with grace so I might not lose my job. This here company is a startup and though I want it to explode, I need your money. Problem is, I have goals… and I am almost positive that no raise conversation will be including the word “double”. Don’t get me wrong, you are the best employer I have ever had… I just happen to want to let my expecting wife quit her full time job AND want to be my own best employer… So yeah, I kinda need to do that myself because waiting for it to happen will not end well.

It amazes me how much time and effort it takes to build a business…. properly. Lawyer, accountant, bank, IRS, state govt, and some other stuff I have already forgetten about. I can say this for 85% certainty…. getting it all done is a crazy awesome relief. Seriously people… actually doing your “homework” and puting in the time to set things up well pays off almost imediately. The fun part… billing, definitelly billing.

So internet, you like the logo? With any luck things will take off and I will not be able to resist having this logo put on everything promotional. Who wants a t-shirt?

10 Comments on “RVA MediaWorks

  1. I love the logo! I don’t know much about your new company, but can guess from the name that it’ll be doing some type of media. What exactly is this company going to offer?

  2. Simplify it a little more. Going overboard on the symbolism. Too much going on … it’s on the right track though and the colors are interesting.

  3. I would have completely agreed with Scott’s comment, until reading Jason’s and thinking… yeah I guess it might need a little more simplifying – it is a bit busy but *really* do like it Kamen! So what is it going to be competition for PharrOut? That sort of work? Or maybe a little less of the web stuff and more of just media? But then again, like what? What’s your target market?

    chriss last blog post..marriage disagreements…