Monument Ave. 10K and the YMCA Training Team


Ukrop’s Monument Ave. 10k 

YMCA 10k Training Team 

It’s that time of the year to start thinking about the 2008 Ukrop’s Monument Ave. 10k. The actual race is being held on April 5th, but the training teams are going to be in full swing before we know it. The YMCA training teams are beginning at the end of the moth.

I have run the last two 10k’s (2006 & 2007) and have been marginally happy with my results. My times have been OK, but I want to finish in under an hour and I have yet to do that. In 2006 I joined the YMCA 10k training team and was running 3-4 times a week before the 10k. I definitely got more comfortable with running longer distances, but was not there yet. Last year I didn’t join the training team and my time suffered a bit. I think it added 5 minutes or so to my time.

So 2008 brings a new year and a new 10k and I am really amped about trying to finish in under an hour. The training team starts at the end of the month and if past experience is an indicator, it’s actually a lot of fun! I run with the Shady Grove team, since it’s right up the street, and there is something rewarding about running with a big group of people, not to mention the team leader, John. This guy is awesome. I have never met anyone more fun and into health, fitness, and running. Quite an inspiration.

You don’t have to be a member of the YMCA to join the training team and the cost is the same for everyone. $50, which includes your 10k registration, 10k T-Shirt and an additional T-Shirt from the training team.

If you are considering doing the 10k, I highly recommend the training team.

FYI – The 10k registration limit has been bumped up to 30,000 participants. This thing gets bigger every year! Actually, I think this year might make it the largest 10k in the country. Not sure, but remember hearing that we were getting close a couple of years ago.


2 Comments on “Monument Ave. 10K and the YMCA Training Team

  1. O.k., I live VERY far away from Richmond (well, Atlanta isn’t that far…), but I MISS Ukrop’s. The really sad thing is that we moved from Richmond almost 18 years ago… and I was only 15 years old when we left, so I was too young to really appreciate Ukrop’s anyway.

    I miss Richmond, too.


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