It’s 6:30 and we’ve already been jogging!

NaBloPoMo Day-5


Yes that’s right, we somehow managed to scrape ourselves out of the bed @ 5AM this morning and we went jogging. I’m really proud of it at the moment. I mean, have you ever been up really early and you see “those people”? The ones that have been up for hours when they show up for work at 8AM. Well I have seen them and Mel and I have decided to give early morning life a try. It is said that the morning is the best time to exercise because you get the most benefit from it and I’m sure my body can use all of the advantage it can get.

So our plan is to do this three times a week. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. That leaves two days a week to get up early for other reasons. Hmm, maybe I can manage to make it to the Mens thing @ RCC that starts @ 6:30AM on Thursdays. Day one is sometimes the easiest for trying new things or making changes, but going to bed early and getting up at 5AM is never easy. Actually, I tend to think that once you get used to it that it becomes routine, which makes it easier. So there, were one step closer to making it a routine.


4 Comments on “It’s 6:30 and we’ve already been jogging!

  1. 6:30? JESUS! I have been trying to get off at 8
    for a run for weeks now, but the bed always is
    much warmer then what it looks like outside of
    the window *grin*

    Greetings from Hamburg,