I managed to upgrade to WordPress 2.3.1 without making my site EXPLODE….


I have to honest here, I was kinda scared of doing a WordPress upgrade on Kamen Lee Dot Com. You know those times where everything is humming along nicely, then you make a change and it all explodes in your face? That’s what I expected to happen. I remember messing with an install of Linux and wanting to adjust the boot loader or something, so I made a couple of changes and BOOM! No more bootable Linux, I think I ended up reloading and it was a bad day. So anyway, I am really happy that the upgrade went smoothly. Now that I am on 2.3.1, I can use a new plugin I found. I will post about it later, REALLY cool plugin. To commemorate the event, I fired up Paint Dot Net and mashed up the above graphic, hope you likey, if you don’t like it, know that I did it at work, which means I had to do it quickly.

When I did the upgrade I made sure to run the proper backup procedures. I grabbed the entire directory and backed it up first, then I installed a nice WordPress database backup tool and pulled a copy of my database, then I disabled a few plugins that might get in the way of the upgrade. I am pretty sure that if I neglected to do any of these things, WordPress would have exploded and my data would have been gone. So I am glad I did it, even though I didn’t use it.

So far so good with 2.3.1, the main thing I am excited about is the plugin that works on 2.3.1, but not on 2.2, I’ll keep it a secret until I post about it later today. I am telling you, this plugin RULES!


3 Comments on “I managed to upgrade to WordPress 2.3.1 without making my site EXPLODE….

  1. I did manage to find out that Google Site Maps 2.7.1 does not work with WordPress 2.3.1. I’m on the hunt for a new version, but am glad I got that nasty error fixed!