Blogger – WiFi = w.bloggar

So what’s a blogger to do when they have their lappy fired up and there’s no WiFi? Usually, bloggers post to WYSIWYG editors within the admin panel of their blogging platform. This requires a connection to the net, no connection = jotting in notepad, only to forget about it later. Enter w.bloggar, this nifty software allows you to build posts locally and publish on demand. As of ver.4.2, it even has a very nice uploader that uses the WordPress API so you don’t have to setup FTP access in the software. I testing it with this post, so if you are reading this, it worked!

I imagine this would be great for traveler guy that loves blogging and spends many hours in the air. I am not traveler guy, but find w.bloggar usefull anyway. It’s kinda old school if you think about it. I have actually lost a few post because WordPress or Firefox did something stupid and I didn’t manage to get it saved in time. This option should keep that from happening.

Give it a try if you like the idea of offline creation. Get w.bloggar here.