Joost and what’s funny about the internet

So I was listening to my favorite podcast, Extra Life Radio, being taped live tonight and something funny happened to me. It happens to people everyday on the ole’ interweb, but today it happened to me. I was in the chat room for the taping and I decided to offer up some of my many Joost invites. Joost is TV for the internet, for the uninitiated of the group, and I not only got accepted to the beta, but I now have 999 invites to give out to those in want. So I offer them up on the chat room and the first response I saw was along the lines of, “Kamenlee want to sell you some Nigerian gold”. First off, I laughed because well, it’s funny, but it also raises an interesting question about the state of the internet in general. It seems that the internet has caught up with, or even passed, the real world in the idea that if it’s offered to you, you probably don’t want it. Seriously, no banner is worth clicking, no random email is worth responding to, and for the last time, AOL will not ask for your password. But there are people out there on the internet, and in the real world, that are actually willing to give something away or do something nice for nothing in return and I have to imagine that they are mistaken for Nigerian scammers frequently. Sucks doesn’t it?


PS – If you want a JOOST invite, send an email to