Buy a House, Get a Free Truck

I have been a homeowner for almost three months now and I have to say, I don’t know how so many people own homes without owning something to carry junk around. I know lots of people that only own cars, but also own houses. What do they do? We have a Pathfinder, which has turned out to be very handy, but it still doesn’t do the entire job. How do these sedan people get by? I know it helps if you know someone with a truck, but doesn’t that get old? I am sure some of this is stemming from the fact that we have just begun the new homeowner process and once we get settled the need won’t be as high, but the grass doesn’t stop growing and the needles don’t stop falling off of those stupid pine trees. It looks like a trailer of some kind is in our future, but it would have been easier to get a truck when we bought the house. It should be a standard issue part of the closing. You get the deed to your new home and the title to your new truck. Simple as pie! Back to thinking about how many weekends it’s going to take to get the yard up to snuff.