I have no voice and that’s no good!

So for about a week now I have been experiencing an increasingly annoying issue with my throat. Early last week I borrowed my step-dads truck and loaded it up twice with yard debris and took it to the dump. The first load consisted of an entire bed of bushes we ripped out and some big boxes from the new crap we have purchased for the new house. The second load was 100% pine needles. And I didn’t even get all of them! Stupid pine trees and lazy previous owner! Anyway, by the time I was done with that bit of work I was exhausted. I felt like crap that night and the next day and by Wednesday I was loosing my voice. I wasn’t feeling bad at that point, but my voice was on the outs. So I suffered through it for the rest of the week and dove right into the weekend.
The weekend was very busy, what with all the driving to OBX and back on one day, and by yesterday afternoon, post grass cutting, I was ready to drop dead again.
I think I see the error in my ways, but had little control over the schedule.
So as of today, my voice is still screwed up! And now it is beginning to interfere with work. I am in the middle of trying to land two huge jobs on my own and when I make phone calls and have meetings with these people I sound horrible. They are all being good sports about it, but I really hope I can get past this soon. Something tells me I need to break out the herbal tea and honey and stop talking so much!