Verizon Got Me Good

Sorry for the outage everyone! I moved the server over to the new house early this week and got it all setup and configured, so I thought. As it turns out, my new router from Verizon was nice enough to redirect ME to my site, but no one on the outside could get to the site. And yes, it took me a day or two to realized this fact. Anyway, I did some research and found that Verizon prohibits any and all inbound Port 80 requests, which is why my website was down. I started the process of transferring my domain to a new host and it will not be complete until next week or so. Until then, I have found a workaround! And it works, just not as well as I would like it to. Don’t erase me from your favorites just yet. We’ll be back to full steam in no time.

I have a couple of rants I’ll post later today. I love living in a house, apartments, I hate apartments…..