Why I ALWAYS lived on the top floor……….

Ok, so this is very much a moo point, you know, it doesn’t matter because it’s a cows opinion, BUT some people never cease to amaze me. You see, we have lived in our apartment complex for a pretty long time. We have seen all but one tenant in our building come and go. This includes the apartment directly below us. When we moved in there was a guy we called Senior’ Creepy living below us, a year or so ago he moved out and an older lady moved in. She seemed nice enough, but within the first week she complained to the office about the noise coming from our apartment. Specifically, from walking……….. WALKING!!!! Now I understand that jumping jacks and full contact sports are frowned upon at 3AM, but walking to a fro after 11 is not a crime. It’s a part of living in an apartment. Since then, we have not heard anything out of the ornery neighbor. I actually recall having a discussion with her and she apologized for filing the complaint. Apparently she was not aware of how loud the wood floors were and I guess just figured we favored Dutch Clogs when at home. Anyway, nothing has happened since then, until last week.

You see, we have been staying at our new house for over a week now. I found a shiny new notice last Tuesday or Wednesday, meaning we had not been staying there for the last few nights. This notice explained that the office had received a complaint about noise coming from our apartment, specifically loud noises. First off, loud noises is not very specific, second, we have hardly been there. The way I figure it, we stopped by there to pick up some clothes and whatnot and it happened to be after 11pm. We were there for maybe 30 minutes.