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What!? It doesn’t make sense to you?

Real Hot Dog!

n1325676465_295056_4630.jpg (JPEG Image, 604×453 pixels)

Wood Pile Art

Tree made out of a tree…

Snuggles Bear Caught in the Wild…

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Oh Snap!

46279oh_snap_chart.jpg JPEG Image, 375×500 pixels

Real Life Photoshop

via Wandaaaa on Flickr

How creative…

Yes We Can – Barack Obama

YouTube – Yes We Can – Barack Obama Music Video.

After last night, I thinks this deserves a little more air time. I am encouraged by both Democrats AND Republicans. Let’s break down the walls and DO THIS!

Budget Cuts

Budget Cuts on Flickr – Photo Sharing.

Wanna Play Work?

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Pixel Water in Real Life

Flickr Photo Download: Street Art in East Village, New York City.