On Becoming an Adult

This past December was a banner month for me I guess. On the 22nd we confirmed that my wife Melanie was, in fact, pregnant with our first child. The next day, I turned 30. It was almost as if I went from twenty something pseudo-adult to actual adult in 24 hours. I have no intention of taking myself TOO seriously, but have finally realized something important about life in general.

The best way to fail at achieving the goals you have set for yourself is to rationalize why you might fail before you even begin trying to accomplish the goal.

I know this might be bordering on those blue sky, green field motivational posters, but I have been forgiving myself for failing before I even try to reach the end point for my entire life.  I have always felt like this was the right way to live. Like it was a reasonable and rational way to look at challenges since, lets be honest, more goals are not met than met in this world. By doing this I have been letting myself off the hook, for pretty much everything. That’s a good way to live an unfulfilling, mediocre life.

This has surfaced for me because I am very much in favor of having AT LEAST one parent at home when children come into the picture. I don’t think it’s MANDATORY, but I believe that it’s important to be a home based family. Especially in the first 3-5 years.

So that’s my aim, to figure out a way to provide enough for my growing family that we only need the income that I make. So far things look possible. There is still a long road ahead to reaching this goal, but I believe it can be done by August of 2009, which is ETA for the arrival the newest member of our family.

As of right now, I have not made any mental excuses why this won’t happen and I don’t intend to. If I fail, I fail, but it won’t be because I reasoned out forgiveness for myself along the way.

We’re Expecting a Little One!


I am pleased to share with you, internet, that my wife is pregnant!

I must say, as I am sure many first time “to be” parents do, it doesn’t totally feel real at the moment. The sonogram picture is real, the extra care taking of my wife is real, and my overwhelming sense of urgent responsibility is definitely real. But tomorrow marks the 9 week mark, so we are still very early in the  path to parenthood. That being said, I am also Very excited about this. It’s literally life changing and I am humbly ready to step up to the plate and swing the Daddy bat.

So what are we in for? I hear unsolicited parenting advice will begin and continue until… well, forever. I am also suddenly aware of the massive pile of house projects that now have a much tighter timeline. The good news is that the room that will be the baby’s room just so happens to be almost completely done… painting wise. That’s right, ahead of the game on that one.

Oh, and have you been to these baby stores? Wow, I will leave it as not impressed for the time being. Some spots were HI-Lariously overpriced… others were just kinda junky. Oh well, we have a little time to shop around I guess.

So there it is internet, were having a baby!



Kamen Lee Dot Com has been quiet for a while, but it’s time to pick things up again and actually write once in a while. There is a (mt) server waiting for Kamen Lee Dot Com and it’s time to make it so…

Kamen Lee Dot Com has been a little shy of posts and may be down for a bit, but it’s not out… Not out indeed.

Multiple Kill Vehicle MKV-L: Concept & Hover Test

This is really awesome and really scary at the same time.

YouTube – Multiple Kill Vehicle MKV-L: Concept & Hover Test.

xkcd – Alternate Currency

I hope “your hard drive” includes web hosts…. If so, I’m rich!

Which brings me to one thought I wanted to toss out there…

KamenLeeDotCom has turned into the “Pictures and Whatnot Kamen Thinks is Funny Blog”. What with all of the new business venture stuff and my real full time job and my house and my wife… the blog gets little attention… Which is why it’s still orange… Got tired of it a while ago, but have yet to change the look…

Hopefully you loyal readers have enjoyed the short blasts of funny, hopefully one day I will get back to writing from time to time…

xkcd – A Webcomic – Alternate Currency

2008 Bailout vs. Other Large Government Projects

Wow! Louisiana Purchase and NASA (All time budget) put it over the mind blown mark….

bailout-pie.png PNG Image, 1004×541 pixels

So You Want a Puppy Do Ya?

Next time I mention to my wife that I want a dog, she can just show me this and I will promptly shut my mouth… I am certain that didn’t end well…

Flickr Photo Download: puppy on laptop.

This Modern Life

Gone are the days of olde… Screens are our lifeblood, our source of information, and our outlets for entertainment. Some days I should just close the laptop and pickup a book. Magazine, Novel, Bible, whatever…

2344695659_c898fc36a4_o.jpg JPEG Image, 600×251 pixels.


IE 6 hearts JPEG… IE 6 is a senior citizen right about now…. Modern browsers heart PNG… Hooray PNG.

jpg_vs_png.png PNG Image, 420×450 pixels

U.S. Community Chest

cartoons_01.jpg (JPEG Image, 611×404 pixels)

I wish that card was in the Monopoly game I have… I could win every time!