Monument Ave. 10K…..The Kenyans Beat Me!

So the Monument Ave. 10K went off well yesterday. Although it was raining, it seemed like the majority of the 30,000 that signed up were there. I managed to jog the entire thing, only walking a few steps whilst gulping Powerade. I managed to log my best time of the last three years, not that that’s saying much, it was still more than double the Greased Lightning Kenyans, but a notch in my jogging cap none the less.

So what am I doing today? NOTHING. Mel and I are incredibly sore and whatnot. I have been trying to stay off of the matching blisters that showed up on my feet and simply changing positions on the couch has been a bit of a challenge.

It won’t slow me down though. I will be beginning my 2009 10K training tomorrow…. or the next day maybe…..

Where’s the Advil!?!?!?