Site Design Updates!

Kamen Lee Dot Com has been looking the same for a few months and I decided that it needed a refresh. Call it A.D.D. if you want. I get bored with the same old site style, so I like to change it up once in a while. So I added a tree, because I am a “Lone Tree” kinda guy… not sure what that means, but in the real or in a picture, Lone Trees are my favorite thing to look at.

I have updated  some of the color scheme and have changed the header image for the four billionth time. Brown may make a comeback, but I am trying out the blue palate for now. I have also added a few new graphics to my graphics page. I am slowly trying to develop some artistic skill with some of this stuff and want to save the progress somewhere. Where better than my own site, right? Anyway, click “Graphics” at the top to see some of the stuff I have made. Some is 100% mine, some have borrowed images. Not making money, so not ripping anyone off. If you are a graphic designer… don’t look, I don’t want to be laughed at!


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