JerkStopper Reset… (Not all is what it seems)


Ok, so maybe I was quick to judge and pour on the typical blogger sarcasm with my post about the Jerk Stopper. I have had the pleasure of talking to the man behind the Jerk Stopper today and not only do I find his theory behind the device interesting, I also find Bob to be a stand up fellow that despite my sarcasm, approached me in very positive and constructive manner. I am going to get a chance to try out the Jerk Stopper for myself and will be posting my experience here. I have told Bob that if I like them, I will certainly buy some for myself to show support.

I think, in general, we are all so used to seeing “The Next Best Thing” or “The Perfect Thing For The Job” kind of advertisements that when we even smell something similar, we automatically judge it to be one of those lousy, get rich quick, useless thingamabobs. I guess my experience proved the point that there is always a face, a person, or family behind those items and though some are worthless, get rich quick, products, some are actually viable items that are built to serve one purpose very well and there are probably a lot of people that would enjoy having that well built item that serves one purpose very well.

So there it is, call it like you see it, but make sure you have your glasses on when you do…

Not everyone cares only about making money and selling as little as possible for as much as possible.