The Notebook, a springboard for what’s next……

NaBloPoMo Day-2


So I went to Chesapeake for a meeting this morning and on the way back I stopped and picked up a notebook from Target. My meeting went OK, but it left me thinking all the way back to Richmond and the notebook was my first step to doing something about my thoughts.

Without getting technical, part of my job involves Healthcare Communications Systems. I started off installing and programming them, I still do some field work and system management, but I have also taken on the “sales” portion of these systems. So for those keeping score. During my 40 hours a week, I am AutoCAD guy, I am technician / programmer guy, am I am nurse call sales guy. The best part about this setup is that I get to see this stuff from all angles. I meet with the people that want it, I design and quote the systems, I install and program the systems, and I troubleshoot the systems. A holistic approach to low voltage electronics if you will.

I am sitting in this meeting, discussing nurse call stuff with these fine people and I realize two things.

ONE, I am not a sales guy as most know them, I will only sell you what you need and I want to be fair about it.

TWO, I have the perfect solution in my head, but it doesn’t physically exist, so I can’t offer it.

This happens a lot. Especially the second one. The nurse call systems we sell are pretty decent, but they seem to be way behind the technology curve. Granted, most of the system runs on Windows XP boxes in one form or another, but the system is extremely inefficient compared to the cost and the sheer mass of equipment and connections needed to make it work.

That is why I bought the notebook. I have dreams of working for myself, I have dreams of turning my ideas into viable products, and when it comes to selling stuff, I love being able to stand behind it 100%. For real 100%, not the sales pitch 100% junk we hear from everyone. That kind of 100% that shows your belief and true knowledge of what you are delivering. (Actually, that kind of 100% is universal and the BEST way to deliver anything)

The notebook is a launchpad, it’s the beginning of my idea phase. When I have the perfect idea or solution for something, it goes in the notebook. When I have a fragment of an idea that could make a difference in some application, it goes in the notebook. I have been looking for that ONE idea to get my independent future going, maybe the notebook will be my key.

Anyone have venture capital they want to throw my way?