Day-1, off to a stumbling start…….

NaBloPoMo  Day-1


“False Start, Author”

“1 Day Creative Penalty, Proceed to Second Down, 29 Downs Left”

So the first day of NaBloPoMo didn’t get off to the screaming start I intended. I wouldn’t say I waste company time during the day by posting to my blog, I might say I set aside a few minute of “me” time during the day to refresh and reload. Or post to my blog. Not today though, I was crazy busy, I had to complete a set of fire alarm prints, break down some equipment for tomorrow, and then run around an OR suite with scrubs on fixing stuff.

Long story short, I almost failed my NaBloPoMo goal on the first day. How lame would that have been!?

I know ANYTHING goes when it comes to this challenge, but I really want to use the challenge for something more constructive than posting at random. Many good habits are started and sustained in 30 days, bad habit are often broken in 30 days. What’s a good use of this challenge? I better decide quickly, I only have 29 days to go.