Lifehacker and Your DSLR Camera, Get Out of Auto!


Lifehacker has a great post about using more of your DSLR cameras potential. The popularity of Digital SLR cameras has exploded in the past few years and I gues Lihacker decided they had seen enough DSLRs set to AUTO.


The article introduces us to Program mode. This get you out of auto and a step closer to manual. Auto mode takes fine pictures, but the power of a DSLR camera is in the flexibility and control of your shots. I have a Nikon D70, have had it for almost two years. I’m no pro, but having a DSLR to shoot with is a beautiful thing. This kind of ability has almost always been reserved for the pros, mostly because of film development costs, but with digital, it’s a whole new game. I can hit 3 frames per second in some conditions, which makes missing the shot a much harder thing to do. One of my favorite things to do with my camera is to set it up on a tripod, enable my remote, and shoot long exposure shots. I took some from Church Hill a while back and I still love them.

My biggest bit of advice, that I also need to listen to, is that great shots can’t be made if you leave your camera in the bag at home. I am overprotective enough that carrying it everywhere is a hard thing to do. I get worried that it will end up broken of stolen. But when I do carry it, I am always glad I did. Spend some time with that sweet DSLR and get to know it a little better. Your pictures will thank you.