My Name and Google


I have a weird name. Kamen, if you weren’t sure. But for some reason there are enough Kamen references out there on the interweb to keep me from showing up on the first page of Googles search results. I would understand if I were called Brian or Joe, but Kamen? I have never met a Kamen in my life and probably never will. Interested to find out what is taking up that illustrious front page space? Well, here it is…..

Dean Kamen – The notable inventor that is widely know for the Segway.

Kamen Estates Wine – A Sonoma based wine maker. LINK 

Kamen Entertainment Group – They took my first choice. 

Michael Kamen – A notable composer. LINK

Al Kamen – Columnist for the Washington Post. LINK

Paula Kamen – A journalist and author. LINK

and last but certainly not least……

Kamen Rider – Now this one strikes me as odd and really great at the same time. I mean who gets to associate their name with this…. LINK


Apparently this is a television series that started in 1971 and has been booming ever since with spin-offs of all kinds. According to WikipediA, Kamen Rider is translated as Masked Rider. I wonder if my parents knew that when they named me. Maybe I need to look into being a superhero or something.

So I guess I need to accomplish something notable or get a ton of hits on Kamen Lee Dot Com. Maybe then Google will find me worthy of the first page of search results.

CLICK HERE to see for yourself.


6 Comments on “My Name and Google

  1. Haha I’ve Googled myself, too… somehow I come up in a couple pages because I used to write for the local magazine “Short Pump Life” and Google crawled their pages I suppose. You’d think Kamen would come up with even just the first name, though… not a common name.

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