Kitchen 64 – My turn to check it out


TonightI finally got my chance to try out the wildly popular and much talked about Kitchen 64. Mel and I went there this evening with my soon to be in-laws and their child, whom we very much adore and spoil every chance we get. Anyway, we went early to beat the previously reported hour and a half waits and were able to get an outside table right away when we arrived @ 5pm. K-64 has a good selection of brews and spirits, I was excited to find that they have Magic Hat #9 on tap. Magic Hat has become my beer of choice for the summer and though they did not have “Circus Boy”, my favorite of their brews, the #9 hit the spot anyway. 

Just a note to consider whilst reading this. My first job was at the Lucky convenience store next door to K-64. It was almost 15 years ago, but I still remember it like it was yesterday. So it was weird sitting at an outside table with a view of the site of my first job.

That being said, it was also weird, in a neat way, to be sitting so close to the Boulevard. I found myself enjoying the passers by, for there were not just average cars, but a van painted in cow print, two dudes flying by on mini-bikes, a couple of cars that look like they should have been scrapped years ago, I guess the traffic was lending itself to the entertainment, at least for me it was. 

So we order drinks and flip through the neatly laminated menus. K-64 has a good lineup of choices. It was described to me by my mother that it was like an upscale diner. I would say that it was an accurate description, plenty of burgers, sandwiches, salads, and entres to choose from, but many choices had a little something extra that your average diner does not. I almost went for the feta burger, but instead, I opted for the pineapple cheeseburger. We ordered the Blue, Black, and Red nachos for the table to share for an appetizer.

The nachos came out and boy were they good. Yes, nachos are not considered much a culinary challenge, but I have had plenty of crappy nachos in my day and these were high quality, well made, and tasty. 

Ready for the only bad part of the dinner? I had had only a couple of chips from the nacho plate and, oops, dinner is served. Apologies were made as the food was being delivered, but was delivered anyway. I know it happens sometimes, but we had five entres and a plate of nachos on that little table fit for four. I felt like we had to hurry through the nachos since our food was sitting in front of us getting cold. I was not amused, but we tore through the nachos anyway and then hit the entres. As I said, I got the pineapple cheeseburger, my uncomplicated review of the meal is that is was just plain good. The burger was cooked properly, the cheese and pineapple were in their respective places and it tasted mighty fine. I asked for veggies instead of fries, which were fresh, tasty, and well prepared. I sampled a few of the fries from someone else’s plate and they awesome.

Too bad I can’t eat many, need to get skinny for our wedding pictures. 

The portions were huge, the service was good, except the timing of the food, and the food was very satisfying. I will also note that the prices were VERY reasonable. You can easily eat for less than 10 bucks and you will still leave stuffed to the gills. 

I am certain I will be returning to Kitchen 64 and if you have not been, stick it on the top of your list.


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  2. I give every new restaurant I patronize up to 3 strikes before I write them off. Kitchen 64 already has 2 in my book. Like many Northsiders I eagerly awaited the opening and couldn’t wait to get in there. Sadly both my visits have been sullied by an unprofessionally run restaurant. Both times my appetizer appeared after my dinner. On my first visit it took 1 hour and 9 minutes to produce a cobb salad. Both visits had me having to visit the bar to get tea refills. I ask coworkers and friends their experiences and they all have the same experience with the apps and refills. This place needs to get it together or change it’s name to Kitchen Closed!