Golf, a rainbow of emotions.


So I played golf yesterday and I went with three, of five, future Brother In Laws. So anyway, we went to Belmont and though I was nervous because I had not played a full round of golf since last year, I usually play fairly well and keep up with the other people I am playing with, heck, sometimes I can even put on a little pressure. Yesterday? How did that go you might wonder? Holy Crap, the first twelve holes were the worst twelve hole of my life. I was getting 8’s, 9’s, and 10’s. I was also getting tired because I was hitting and chasing twice as many shots as the rest of the group. Usually I mess up the first hole of almost every game, but yesterday the first hole stayed with me through hole 12. For some reason I could not get out of the ball topping, tee shot slicing, ball losing rut. I was ready to quit on hole 3, but I didn’t, and by hole 13 I was glad about that. Somehow, I got better. None of my shots were stellar and I made a few mistakes, but on the last six holes, I made par on three and the other three were only one or two shots over. Compared to my 8’s, 9’s, and 10’s, I was very happy.

Yesterday proved to me in a very unwelcoming manner that golf is a very mental game and that even when you are on mentally, it takes a lot of practice to be good. I don’t think I have been to the driving range in over a year and I am pretty sure that is why my tee shots were so bad for the first 13. I had a very love / hate relationship with golf yesterday and I hope to never play as horribly as I did yesterday, never.

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