Retro 8 Bit

Retro in the computer and gaming world is only a mere few years ago. I still remember getting my NES for Christmas back in the 80’s. I was sitting on the floor, in front of our big old tv with legs that would go on the blink until you stomped on the floor really hard, playing Super Mario Brothers for the very first time. Boy what a day! I think I died on the first Goomba a half a dozen times before I got the hang of the controls. It was 8 Bit gaming at it’s best. A simpler time, when you had a four way control pad and two buttons, it was high tech. After some use you’d have to blow out the NES cartridges to get them work. Boy was it grand. Now we have all these new fangled CDs and DVDs loaded with games that sometimes look more real than real life itself. Heck, my PS2 is looking mighty old and monolith like, it’s the first generation, not the new skinny version. All of this rambling about old school gaming does have a point however. I ran across a website that has a bunch of the great 8Bit NES games that you can play in your browser. Pretty awesome in my book.