Fat America

The 10K got me going in the proper direction and I hope to keep it up, I need to be fit and trim when I take a wife later this year! Ya know? So I was cruising the interweb and ran across this idiot. CLICK HERE The quote just makes it worse. The good news is that a license plate is visible, so if anyone wants to go throw donuts at his house, let me know! But seriously, I watch what I eat, the problem? Watching is only half the battle, if I watched myself eat crap all of the time, I’d still be watching what I ate right? Getting married is certainly a great reason to get on the fit wagon, but a lifestyle change is whats going to make it stick. I believe that if you “diet”, once the diet is over, the fat starts piling up right away. It’s got to be a reasonable set of small changes that stick. Oddly enough, the more I get settled in our new house, the better I see my fitness lifestyle. I live in a neighborhood that I can step outside and go for a ride on my bicycle or go jogging. The gym is only a minute up the road also. So I have no reason not to take advantage. I actually to a 7 mile bike ride the other day and it was rather nice. So heres to making good changes stick.