Well hello there, internet. KamenLee.com has kind of been…. neglected. Sorry about that. Though I am not sure anyone noticed.

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. All of these have been updated in the last 24 hours. But this site just has not been serving much purpose. Maybe it should. Instagram is probably my favorite medium of them all. It’s a way to share a picture worth a thousand words, likely of my kiddos. Not only do friends and family get to see it, but it gets stored in a way that I can go back to and collect from years later.

That said, sometimes I need to use words. Maybe I should use more of them.

As many photos of Isaac and Isabelle I post, unless you have spent time with them, you only get a piece of what I have been able to experience every single day for the last 4+ years. It’s kind of awesome. I am very, very tired. But just when I think I am about to lose my mind, they fire of something completely real, unexpected, and smile inducing. I have to be willing to look for it, but it’s always there.

So. Words. Lets have more of them. Even if only for my own benefit.

(Last I checked some image of a notebook is the top inbound request per month since forever… Oddly, that was also about words.)

An Invocation For Beginnings

Sometimes you need this kind of thing. It is great in so many ways and I may have watched it more than once in a row.

An Invocation For Beginnings from ze frank on Vimeo.

“Herman Cain” — A BLR Soundbite

This is nothing short of hilarious. I don’t know much about this guy. But I hope he can watch this and laugh.

Credit: Bad Lip Reading

Grow Alone, Grow Weird (You’re probably normal. Seriously.)

It’s a pretty simple concept. And the older I get, the more I subscribe to it.

Some time alone is good for everyone, but too much time to yourself starts to skew your perception and ultimately leaves you feeling like a weirdo. Having spent much of my life as a “semi-social” person, being on the outside leaves you struggling with things that in reality are totally normal. Now more than ever, being a parent of two small children, I am facing more situations that make me crave more interaction with folks in a similar phase of life. This parenting thing is hard. Being an adult is hard. Life… it’s hard.

Sometimes all you need is confirmation that everyone else finds life as hard and impossible as you do. So instead of running your head into a wall or taking up a solid drinking habit, you vent it a little and realize you’re normal.

Most of us live very isolated lives. It’s bullshit.

Little Man

This lyric always gets me. Not sure why the 100th time is a powerful as the 1st, but it is.

You’re doing good little man thats all I really meant
I love you
You’re my best friend, thanks for listening

Song: Atmosphere – Little Man

Louis C.K. on Being a Father

Louis C.K. is generally pretty vulgar. Funny, but vulgar. But this spot was for 60 minutes and it’s pretty great, and clean. He actually manages to deliver messages like this in his comedy. It’s not always obvious, but he seems to have pretty strong feelings about being an active father and I admire that kind of spirit.

Windows, I Do Not Miss Thee

So I had to take an exam (of sorts) yesterday and it had 50 questions, half of which were based on Windows. I knew 95% of them without looking up the answers, but it made em realize that I have been Windows free for some time now!

My favorite question was this…..

When using the Windows Search function to locate the file named “File1.txt”, the Search results shows two instances of the file located somewhere on drive C:. Which of the following pairs would be possible Windows Search results:




C:Folder CFile1.txt
C:Folder Cfile1.txt

The third option is the correct answer…  but the first answer could also be correct in my world (Linux). Yes, my MacBook will yell at me just like Windows though.

The point is, being tested about Windows not only made me realize I forgot how Windows free I was living, but also how much I really despise Windows. Saying this immediately means I will soon find myself in a position of being required to use Windows daily, but if it means I am busy making money, whilst using Windows, I’ll take it. (The devil’s ears just perked up)


Thoughts of May 20th

1 – It’s amazing how much I don’t check Twitter when working.

2 – It’s painful how badly I need to land something (Job Offer or Project) to stabilize things around here.

3 – Isaac and Isabelle are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I know this because it is the hardest thing that has ever happened to me.

4 – I can’t wait to have more date nights with Melanie. We have been on almost none since 2009.

5 – Broke or not, we ARE GOING TO OBX THIS YEAR. I need Isaac to experience the beach. I need Melanie to be invigorated by the beach. And I need Isabelle to look super cutie pie in a tiny little pink baby bathing suit.

Leslie Lee Kelley – 1926-2011

KELLEY, Leslie Lee, age 84, of Englewood, Florida, passed away on February 4, 2011. He was preceded in death by his parents, Leslie Peyton and Edith Hall Kelley; his brother, Oscar Peyton Kelley; and his grandson, Ryan West. Lee grew up in Richmond, graduated from John Marshall High School and served in the Army during WW II. He was a past Master and a lifelong member of the Westhampton Masonic Lodge in Richmond. Lee is survived by his loving wife, Jacqueline T. Kelley; daughter, Leslie (Ken) Messersmith of Richmond, Va., daughter, Martha (Mark) Berry of Williamsburg, Va., daughter, Jeannie (Roy) Highfill of Winston-Salem, N.C.; stepdaughter, Kim (Mike) Rodriguez of Bumpass, Va.; stepson, Mark of Gloucester, Va.; grandson, Kamen (Melanie) Gordon of Glen Allen, Va.; grandsons, Tyler and Wynn Berry of Williamsburg, Va.; stepgrandsons, Jack and Oliver Rodriguez of Bumpass, Va.; great-grandchildren, Isaac and Isabelle Gordon of Glen Allen, Va.; Lee was a friend to all and knew no strangers. He spent many of his later years in the service of others. Lee was loved by many and will be deeply missed by family and friends. Details about a memorial service to be held in Richmond, Va., will be announced at a later date.

Grandpa, I’m gonna miss you.

This is my Grandpa.

Lee Kelley.

He passed away yesterday. February 4th 2011.

A lot of thoughts today about how much I like him. But mostly, I am sad he didn’t get to meet Isaac and Isabelle in person. That has me the most sad today. That was a moment I really wanted for him and for my children.

Also, he always called me “Lad”. He always said it in such a way that conveyed much respect. Always. Keep thinking about that today for some reason.