Well hello there, internet. KamenLee.com has kind of been…. neglected. Sorry about that. Though I am not sure anyone noticed.

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. All of these have been updated in the last 24 hours. But this site just has not been serving much purpose. Maybe it should. Instagram is probably my favorite medium of them all. It’s a way to share a picture worth a thousand words, likely of my kiddos. Not only do friends and family get to see it, but it gets stored in a way that I can go back to and collect from years later.

That said, sometimes I need to use words. Maybe I should use more of them.

As many photos of Isaac and Isabelle I post, unless you have spent time with them, you only get a piece of what I have been able to experience every single day for the last 4+ years. It’s kind of awesome. I am very, very tired. But just when I think I am about to lose my mind, they fire of something completely real, unexpected, and smile inducing. I have to be willing to look for it, but it’s always there.

So. Words. Lets have more of them. Even if only for my own benefit.

(Last I checked some image of a notebook is the top inbound request per month since forever… Oddly, that was also about words.)