Baby Part Deux

Guess what internet!? In Jan. 2011, Isaac is going to be a big brother! At 17 months, he will be the senior of our brood.

This is his current status:

This is our second child’s current status:

Crazy right!? We’re very excited and at this point are just hoping Melanie’s pregnancy and delivery goes smoothly. She has reached the second trimester and the “morning sickness” (A.K.A. – “all day sickness”) seems to have subsided.

The anxiety level about the prep work is much lower this time, which I am very thankful for. It’s amazing how hard it seemed when making decisions about paint and furniture and bottles and clothes and blah blah blah. This time, we know what we like and where to go. In fact, it is likely the two baby rooms will be very similar to one another. Of course, paint and awesome vinyl decal accents will differ. Also, names, we’re already working on that. No one will know until baby #2 is born though. Always have to “make sure”.. you know?

Now… the question is. Double stroller, two strollers or a pack mule? Also, a minivan is still out of the question.

4 Comments on “Baby Part Deux

  1. Congrats! Get a double jogging stroller. Others are too cumbersome, and don’t handle most terrain well. Also, we’re having our third (and final) spawn in Feb. of ’11!