The Hot Seats (formerly known as Special Ed and the Short Bus)

RVA Mag just posted this video of The Hot Seats, formerly known as Special Ed and the Short Bus. Now I have yet another reason to follow and visit The Camel.

Never seen these guys live, but it makes me miss George Winn and the Bluegrass Partners… While many Richmonders were heading to the clubs in the bottom on Saturday nights, I would pass them and hang @ Poe’s Pub for good beer on tap and some very fantastic bluegrass.

I wish I knew what happened to them because I quit going out as much and they seem to have disappeared. From Poe’s at least. Anyone know?

Another RVA Bluegrass treat is Slack Family Bluegrass Band. You can find them at Shenanigans on North Side and Legend Brewery just across the river.