We’re Expecting a Little One!


I am pleased to share with you, internet, that my wife is pregnant!

I must say, as I am sure many first time “to be” parents do, it doesn’t totally feel real at the moment. The sonogram picture is real, the extra care taking of my wife is real, and my overwhelming sense of urgent responsibility is definitely real. But tomorrow marks the 9 week mark, so we are still very early in the  path to parenthood. That being said, I am also Very excited about this. It’s literally life changing and I am humbly ready to step up to the plate and swing the Daddy bat.

So what are we in for? I hear unsolicited parenting advice will begin and continue until… well, forever. I am also suddenly aware of the massive pile of house projects that now have a much tighter timeline. The good news is that the room that will be the baby’s room just so happens to be almost completely done… painting wise. That’s right, ahead of the game on that one.

Oh, and have you been to these baby stores? Wow, I will leave it as not impressed for the time being. Some spots were HI-Lariously overpriced… others were just kinda junky. Oh well, we have a little time to shop around I guess.

So there it is internet, were having a baby!

2 Comments on “We’re Expecting a Little One!

  1. Whoa, congratulations! You’re in for the ride of your life. Enjoy it!