Bible Study and Beer – Crossing the Line or What Religion Needs?

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I have been fortunate to have a few experiences in the last couple of months that have lodged a strange idea in my head. Now that I have thought it through, I think it’s time to share my thoughts and see what happens.

It started with a dream I had. Under some strange circumstance I happened to meet up with an acquaintance of mine. He happened to be a fellow Christian and he had a six pack of beer and a bible. He suggested we have a bible study and a couple of cold ones. I recall it being odd, but I went along with it. I don’t remember anymore of the dream and I actually remember very few of my dreams in general. So the fact that this one stuck with me made me really think about WHY I had the dream and what it meant.

Fast forward a month or so and what do I happen to catch? A sermon by Perry Noble from NewSpring Church. They are doing a series called “You Asked For It…” and the topic of the week was called “Is it OK for a Christian to Drink Alcohol?” First off, I found the timing very interesting. Secondly, Perry really dove into scripture to tell the stories that address the issue and answer the question. I think it’s very important to answer these questions directly with scripture and unfortunately, far too many church leaders will quote one verse, interpret it incorrectly, and lead people down an unintended path. By the way, there are entire books on that topic, so I will leave it at that for the moment… Anyway, I really took a lot away from that message and actually think it might be a good idea to hear it again.

Here is the link if you are interested… You Asked For It – Is is OK for a Christian to Drink Alcohol

The third and final event that brought me to this moment was a baseball game I went to with the guys from my church last week. I am still new at Redemption Hill, but have found this infant church to be delivering exactly what I need to be hearing and considering on a weekly basis. Nothing particularly special happened that night, but almost everyone attending our little baseball meetup had a beer or two. This is not common, at least not where I come from. Church people don’t kickback with other church folks and have a brew or two. A lot of them sit up straight in their chairs and try to keep the picture clean straight and narrow, even though it is rare that the image created is accurate and true. My point is this, I think the situation illustrated to me that these guys were normal people like I, that also happened to be lacking the stiffness that comes along with many church/religious settings. The situation AND the beer was refreshing in it’s own right.

So that’s the story, those are the events that have convinced me that a Bible Study + Beer is not just some stupid idea that I came up with to rebel against the stiff religious types. It just might serve a real purpose in some peoples lives. So much so that the beer would become secondary very quickly, I would actually expect this to happen to anyone attending more than a coupe of times. Sure, this isn’t for everyone, but there are plenty of guys out there that have the maturity and self control to kick back with buddies from church, have a couple of beers, and talk through scripture.

So is this edgy? Uh, YEAH! But edgy with a proper intent can be a very powerful way to get people involved that would have otherwise never considered attending a bible study meeting.

I have plenty more to think about regarding this “crazy” idea, but I thought it was time to throw it out and see what peoples thoughts are. Let me know what you think internet…

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  1. The only thing that I’d want to make sure isn’t forgotten is to be considerate of others, in particular if adding alcohol might cause someone to stumble. The verse I can’t recall off the top of my head that talks about that, but I know of another one – 1 Corinthians 6:12 “Everything is permissible for me, but not everything is beneficial.”

    I think of some in my family that if beer/alcohol were available, they wouldn’t be able to control themselves and their consumption. One or two is vastly different than 5 or 10, you know?

    That same 1 Corinthians verse also has this which is quite pertinent “but I will not be mastered by anything”.

    Chriss last blog post..hospitality

  2. I was searching the internet looking for a topic for our up coming Bible & Brew men’s group. It is my turn to lead the Bible study coming up this Wednesday. You see we have taken this one step further and we actually get together every 1 or 2 mionths and make beer. After we get the 5 or 6 batches boiling we take time out to have a Bible study and learn about what God has to teach us. It is never the same topic, but always reminds us of the Love he has for his children. We have started to draw people from outside our congregation and touch the lives of people who do not attend a church on a regular bassis.

    Colossians 3:17
    “And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.”

    Ecclesiastes 8:15
    “So I commend the enjoyment of life, because nothing is better for a man under the sun than to eat and drink and be glad. Then joy will accompany him in his work all the days of the life God has given him under the sun.”

  3. I too have wrestled with this issue, and growing up in Pentecostal churches I found many just condemned any trace of drinking alcohol.
    Now after reading the Bible on my own I discovered, a whole different picture on a lot of Church issues besides the Beer thing. I am very blessed in the Lord. And I really think and trust “Doing all things in the Name of the Lord is why” One other note. To the Pure all things are pure!
    Amen and God bless you all!

  4. There are actually quite a few bible and beer groups out there already. Quite a few discussions on the topic as well. Check them out online. I’m in the process of praying about and developing a curriculum and guidelines for a b&b study myself. I would pray hard about and seek Gods heart in the matter. Good luck yo!

  5. Hi,
    Your Bible that your reading must not be right and not line up with what Jesus Christ says, having a men’s bible and brew? What God are you all serving, obvious not the one who was, is, and always will be. The Lord GOd almighty, The risen savior Jesus Christ. As christians we should strive to be like Christ. So ask yourselves would Jesus come to a Bible and brew? no he wouldn’t. Jesus wasn’t of the world and as christian we should seperate ourselves of things of the world. If you are backsliding please repent and turn from your sins, or is it maybe that you might not even know him.What ever it is make it right with the Lord, quite listening to Perry noble. Proverbs 23:20-21 Be not among winebibbers;among riotous eaters of flesh:

  6. Do it! I love a good beer, and definitely love the Word. I’d go for sure.

    Just be sure to serve good beer (Think Sam Adams and/or better).

    God bless.