Warehouse Sprinkler Accident

In “my work”, I hear a lot of stories about broken sprinkler heads, but I never get to see it happen. I imagine all of them to be something like this. Best sprinkler break ever!

Watch until the end…

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10 Comments on “Warehouse Sprinkler Accident

  1. When he was on the top of the ladder and that thing went full force. Yowza. I would not want to be this guy and wonder how much they took out of his paycheck. Thanks for the funny vid!

  2. Initially I was all, “I didn’t know they had sprinkler heads that went off on the “gentle rain” setting,” but then forklift boy got his pipe wrench out. THAT’S some water flow right there. I also enjoyed it towards the beginning when he pulled the stepladder over like he was going to reach a 12′ ceiling with it.

  3. I love it when he falls off the ladder he punches the stack of black containers.