Twitter……. The Next Friendster?


Twitter is awesome……when it is working. And for some reason there have been some monumental outages recently. We’re talking serious downtimes. The last two days, for example, has been extremely slow if not down altogether. See, I am officially addicted to Twitter and I need my Twitter fix on a daily basis. If Twitter is unable to fulfill my needs, I am going to look elsewhere for that fix… The problem, all of my Twitter peeps will have to do the same thing, otherwise I will be talking to myself and trust me, that doesn’t need to happen any more than it already does.

So what’s a geek to do. For now I am battening down the hatches and waiting it out, but if the storm last too long, I just might have to find a way out…

Oh, you might be wondering why I titled this post “Twitter……. The Next Friendster?”….. Well, back in the day when all of this Social Network stuff was a wee little child, Friendster showed up and got everyone doing the social network thang. Friendster became very popular, very quickly and the end result was that it’s popularity buried it. The site was always hosed and downtime became a norm. That’s when MySpace showed up. I don’t remember how long the swarm took to shift, but it feels like it was fast, really fast. I remember hearing about it one day and setting up an account. It was awesome and everyone knew it. Shortly after that the stampede began and there was no looking back. Friendster still exists, but I have not met a single soul in years that has an account there.

So that’s Friendster, will Twitter be next? Is something about to replace it? There seem to be alternatives, but there is nothing quite as simple and elegant as Twitter. It’s just code though, so you never know….oh and lots of servers and bandwidth….

Let this be the official record that will allow me to say “I knew this was going to happen” if, in fact, Twitter gets replaced.

I am still rooting for Twitter though. I like Twitter and wish it/them no harm…