Richmond Photography Meetup Group


I recently found a group on that had been formed for Richmond photographers. Last night was my first time out with them and although there were only 5 of us there, it was very cool. We met @ Legend’s brewery and went from there to a parking area near the Robert E. Lee bridge. We setup on the bridge just before it started getting dark and stayed out there until well after dark. I managed to get a lot of good long exposure shots and even a few wild experimental shots. If you live in or near Richmond,and are even moderately “into” photography, I highly recommend checking out this group.

You can find the group HERE on the Meetup website and you can find a few of my photos from last night HERE.

I managed to get a few good shots. I did notice that my long lens had some debris on it and though I could not see the defects in the field, I saw it clear as day when I got home. I did make brightness and contrast adjustments to a few of the images, cleaned up a couple of defects on one, and colorized one, but for the most part, the post processing was very minor. I really look forward to going on these outings more often. It will give me a chance to take more pictures and improve my ability and technique.

Seriously, if you are into photography at all, check out the Meetup group, I look forward to an outing that has 10+ people attending!