Monday Morning Weigh In – Week 3

Yep, slid back a couple this week. I powered through the weekend well with a quick, but hard ride on my bike on Saturday and yesterday I played 9 holes with my brother in law and we walked it, but it was too little too late. The damage was done and pounds hung around. My food decisions break down like this; 80% Very Good, 15% Good, and 5% Eh, could be better. I have not hit the drive through for any combos and deserts have been limited to frozen yogurt and fruit so far.

The key is exercise. THE KEY IS EXERCISE! I hit the gym twice on the first week and lost 5 pounds. Back in the day I lost a bunch of weight and my routine included two to three visits to the gym per week. So it’s not like I need to hit it 5 days a week, honestly that’s a good way to burn myself out on the whole thing, but I need to step it up and make sure I hit the minimums.

Anyway, week three was kind of like a Wednesday, you know, hump day. I need to get over the hump and get to it!

That is all for now…