Monday Morning Weigh In – Week 2

So last week was not a banner week, by any means, but I did manage to lose 4 more pounds. This brings my weight loss total to 9 after two weeks.

Last week was not a banner week because I wasn’t very active. Things were very busy during the week and the weekend was extremely busy, that led to me opting out of exercise during the few times I had a chance….. yep, feeling pretty lazy right about now.

Anyway, I did manage to control my meal portions well. I did have a family meal on Sunday that left me feeling stuffed to the gills, but all other meals were in the “I had enough, but am not full” category, which is one thing I am really aiming to “master” as a permanent change in my eating habits.

So week two is done and I am just shy of the 5 pounds a week pace I set in the first week. As long as I am consistently losing weight, I am not concerned with the pace. I say this because my goal is to lose it and never gain it back, not to lose a ton of weight quickly.

See you next week!