Kitty Surgery, an Interesting Day Indeed

2007.10 Family

Your cats ever have oral surgery? So if nothing else, we proved that our cats are in fact sisters because they both have equally terrible teeth. They are 3 1/2 and between them, 23 teeth were removed from their mouths today. 23! 10 from Zoe, not pictured, and 13 from Ginger here. She even could stand to have a couple more teeth pulled out, but it will wait for a year or two.

The trip to Powhatan from the West End was a disaster, but in an effort to keep from grossing you out, I will spare the details. Suffice it to say that they were in one big crate and the crate became nasty during the car ride….. twice and each time was a different “situation”. Anyway, we got the dropped off and the vet got them all cleaned up. We stayed close to the phone on standby all day and finally got word that all went very well and that we could head that way to pick them up.

Since they have been home I swear they traded places during their visit because Zoe, the normally docile sleepy one has been all over the place tonight. On the other hand, Ginger, the one that is ALWAYS checking out what were doing has been chilling in one of three spots all night. I think the drugs knocked her much harder than they did Zoe.

Anyway, they have wobbling all over the place like a couple of drunk bobble heads tonight, but are in good shape and should be in much better health and condition once the fog and wobbles are lifted.

So thanks to Dr. Fore from Claws and Paws in Powhatan. Were glad to have our kitties home safe and sound….

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