2k8 RVA Blogger Meetup! …..?

Chris (from Awaken Me) found a seemingly new, but in fact old announcement for an RVA Blogger meetup. It looked new because of the date @ the top of the post, but it looked old based on the 2k6, not 2k8 title. So why am I blogging about it? If I was feeling sarcastic and a bit mean I might poke fun @ the situation, but I am actually all about a 2008 RVA Blogger meetup. I actually thought about this myself just this weekend, not kidding.

I say let’s do this thing!

Mr. Catrow will certainly need to be involved….. you know…. since he started the whole RVA Blogs thing, but I think we all need to get behind this and make it known…. well known, and get as many RVA Bloggers to show their faces as we can.

As for Chris’s question about knowing who is who….. “Hello my name is:” stickers with our websites….. and maybe Twitter names would be awesome.

Sounds like Ross is already open ears on this, so lets start working on a place and a date and get it organized.

PS to anyone that would be actually setting this currently imaginary event up – I am willing to help out in any way needed, just send me an email and let me know.

4 Comments on “2k8 RVA Blogger Meetup! …..?

  1. I totally agree we should do this! I think it would be great to meet other local bloggers, as well as see what other ideas the community could put together.

    Jons last blog post..Chicago – The first day