Twitter Activity from 2008-04-28

  • @rvanews Not sure how this deal worked out for RVA News to host the Bopst Show, but it rules! #
  • You know you want to see some The Auto Connection commercials!! Click on "Meet Mack Mack" – #
  • Our household is officially on a Crate and Barrel strike. Those people need to get it together……. #
  • @joeyjonesDOTtv Feels like more indeed. I was gone Tues. – Fri., so my only break from the rain in RVA was Saturday….. Yuck! #
  • It’s amazing how far behind one gets @ work when they are gone for 4 days…. #
  • Hey RVA people!
    RVA News presents, The Bopst Show!
    Listen, it’s GOOOOD! #
  • @jkennett The Bopst Show is mostly a music show, with a bunch of clips and whatnot tossed in for entertainment. He used to be on AM radio. #
  • I had toooo much coffee this morning. I need to run around the office a couple of times or something……. bbbbbuuuuuuzzzzz #
  • @jkennett Hey, @maddox is looking for a Brightkite invite….. Didn’t you say you had some to give away? #
  • @maddox I passed your request to @jkennett. I think he said he had some invites to share. #
  • I really like the salad bar @ Ukrop’s, esp. the fruit. But my goodness it’s expensive! Just got a small thing of fruit and it was like $6! #
  • Got a DWG deadline in 45 minutes…. All that is left is to plot and proof…… I always forget something, let’s see if I am consistent. #
  • @Godstories Ha, I just hit it too. I am @ 511. Didn’t even notice… #
  • @Godstories Here you Godstories, a certificate for your accomplishment! You can even frame it! #
  • Our wedding photographer is really ticking me off and I am afraid that a nasty email will make our album turn out bad. Rock and Hard Place #
  • Ok Lifehacker and Download Squad, i get it. I can install a plugin to get rid of the 3 sec. plugin install delay……… R D Been Knowed… #