Twitter Activity from 2008-04-20

  • Lot’s of hard work in the yard means I will enjoy the Pear ice @ Ray’s that much more! #
  • @trippfenderson We ended up going to the other Rays….. and they didn’t have Pear… just my luck. #
  • What happened to the podcast "Were Both Right"? They just disappeared. Right after they won some kind of award too. #
  • Ok, my Fiber Internet is being REALLY slow tonight…. What’s The Deal? #
  • You know. For some reason I feel pretty good today. Usually dark and rainy days depress me, but today is different. I am enjoying it…. #
  • Wow, people have been complaining about the declining tech content on Digg. Now that I think about it… I think they’re right…. #
  • @chrisstewart Pretty much….. I thought people were being whiny, but I looked through the tech section this morning and it was really light #