Twitter Activity from 2008-04-19

  • Looks like mowing grass is in my future b/c my yard most definitely needs some help…. #
  • @having Special K…. going the healthy route today… #
  • FoodFeed -> What I am going to use when I start my "Internet Accountability Weight Loss Program".. It’s … #
  • Anyone a fan of the 80’s movie Rad? I happened to "find" it on the internets. My iPod Touch is going to LOVE it! #
  • @Godstories No, but all this talk is making me want to… EaT Mor CHikEn #
  • @trippfenderson Had never heard of Lift… Looks like a pretty good place for coffee and interesting sandwiches #
  • @trippfenderson Yep, That’d be the one! Used to race BMX back in the day and RAD was my favorite movie. Rented it from Erol’s a ton of times #
  • @trippfenderson The silver suits do rock, but the bike dancing was EPIC! #