Twitter Activity from 2008-04-16

  • @rvanews So John Mayer was singing to you huh? #
  • @korym I was rocking Jimi Hendrix today. Must have been something in the air… #
  • Poll: "Should I post and update my weight on my site to aid in losing it?" #
  • @RobertP I’m with you. It’s mostly throwaway tech. Unless you are a social butterfly, it has little use. I did find an old friend though. #
  • @trippfenderson is a wealth of links. Throw up a topic and I bet he has a resource. An internet information desk, if you will… #
  • Writing a pretty tough blog post. It’s time to make some "adjustments" to Kamen Lee (Me)…… and the Dot Com (The Site) #
  • Stayed up too late, filled with sleepiness and yawns…. #
  • Something HAS to Change!!!!! via @ShareThis #
  • @RobertP Haha, MySpace blows my mind. Anytime I run across a MySpace page my head explodes from the mass confusion of everyones pages…. #
  • @jkennett I got into it when Friendster was king. Then MySpace took over. The difference? You could edit the code on your MySpace page… #
  • Twitter is either really busy today or they fixed something that opened the true flood that Twitter can cause… #
  • Last weeks message from Perry Noble is still rocking my brain. I look forward to posting it later on my blog. Well worth the listen! #
  • @3amJosh Snail mail…. that was awesome! #
  • @chrisstewart I hate sushi.. smells bad, tastes bad, looks; interesting, but if you are close enough to see it your close enough to smell it #
  • Follow @youaskedforit
    Newspring is looking to everyone to ask questions for their July series "You asked for it…" Ask a question too! #
  • @maddox I know a guy in Richmond that calls his site ComplexSimplicity, you guys must be complete opposites… #
  • @maddox Will this mustached lawyer be drinking his milkshake? B/C that’s what your picture seems to suggest….. #