Twitter Activity from 2008-04-11

  • @Godstories Uncomfortable through and through…. #
  • <– Digg this! #
  • Happy Friday Twitter folks! Anyone ever tried to write a collaborative short story with Twitter? I wonder if it would work? #
  • Listening to Perry Noble #
  • @mcdzl You have a link? #
  • @3amJosh That is an unpleasant morning thought. Kind of like when one of my cats tossed her breakfast on the way to the vet the other week.. #
  • @jmlumpkin Did you create any HDR images from your shoot last night?
    I just figured out how to do it with my D70. Gonna try @ Lewis Ginter #
  • @jmlumpkin I just downloaded the trial of Photomatix, I think they have a Mac version as well. #
  • @trippfenderson So, with a D70 you can turn on Auto Bracketing and it will automatically adjust the settings for a three shot series. #
  • @jmlumpkin Yep, same with the D70, pretty nifty. #
  • @trippfenderson So I guess you took the plunge huh? Nice. #
  • @extralife Does it have a big "POW" symbol on it? #

3 Comments on “Twitter Activity from 2008-04-11

  1. So does Twitter = lists of unreadable junk? because I can’t figure out why so many people keep posting this stuff in their blogs, or why a two-year-old website like Twitter is suddenly so captivating to so many people.