NASCAR Car of Tomorrow (COT)

I hear a little of the fan commentary on all of the changes that NASCAR has been making in the past few years. One topic of discussion has been the new car, the Car of Tomorrow. Not sure why it’s called that because they are using today and used it yesterday, but setting that aside, it touts many new features, the most important being the enhanced safety features to protect the driver.

Check out this video, between the new car and the (SAFER) barrier walls that have been installed, you can still watch the race for the wrecks, but the life endangerment curve has been drastically diminished.

3 Comments on “NASCAR Car of Tomorrow (COT)

  1. Eh a NASCAR fan huh? Ever go to the Southside Speedway? You know I always thought it was SABER barrier 🙂 guess I was wrong.

    Yeah the safety improvements they’ve made since Dale’s death can never be discounted…

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