Twitter Activity from 2008-03-20

  • I actually want to upload something to YouTube and it’s down…. Of course it is! That, my friend, is what we call the annoyance factor… #
  • @extralife Looks like ELR might be movin on up in the Food chain huh!? #
  • @korym Thanks to you as well. Not sure if you use Firefox, but TwitterFox is a pretty sweet option if you do. #
  • @korym I gave Twhirl a whirl, but I liked the app being built into FF. Adobe AIR part of it was awesome though… #
  • @jmlumpkin Same to you, Twitter would be stupid if I was only talking to myself. #
  • @rvanews So have Brinner! #
  • @korym I got mad @ my work connection today because it was taking forever to upload my .97 GB file to YouTube… So I used .flv #
  • @jmlumpkin Innsbrook huh? I might be able to hit you with a rock ….. #