Space Blows my Mind!

Ok, look at the picture and think about what you are seeing….. A guy, standing on the moon…. STANDING ON THE MOON! We are all aware of the fact, but it’s really difficult to actually register this. I have been watching shuttle’s take off and land since I was a kid and no matter how much exposure I get, I can’t wrap my mind around the sheer size of "Space". We are, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year….366 this year… suspended in space, going around and around. In that lens, we are so incredibly small.

As17-140-21391c1.jpg (JPEG Image, 950x950 pixels)

Have you ever been outside on a clear night and just stared at the sky for awhile?

I always think about the same thing…. what, if anything, is beyond "Space"? Does it end at some point? Is it infinite? Hopefully I will get the answer one day….

Until then, I will have to settle with it blowing my mind..


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