Small Vista Rant…


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On a fresh install, Vista is snappy on a halfway decent machine and it is much prettier than XP. My main beef with Vista is a big one though. Vista was built to assume that every user is an idiot. Even when logged in as administrator, it gives me messages about contacting an administrator to do what I want to do. Vista does not play well with others…. EVEN XP!

I realize that there is an adjustment curve because Vista, in fact, is very different than XP, but I am not sure why Microsoft decided to go that route… Why change it up? My estimation is that MS changed things to make it easier for the average Joe to do the average things. But toss some file sharing, network printers, and the like into the mix and you have a big ole’ pain in the rear.

Since I have been using XP for a long time, I appreciate it for that fact that it is simple compared to Vista. If I am an Admin, I can do what I want. If something is locked down, I can go to one place to change it. Maybe Vista is like this too, maybe it’s hard to see with all of the blood rushing to my head as my eyes go blind with rage, but it sure seems like the controls in Vista are very generic sounding, which make picking the correct on, in the correct place, a total guessing game.

Simplicity is great, dumbing down is REALLY irritating.  I am sure I will eventually buy a MAC and I will love it like everyone else, the problem with that solution though is that I HAVE to run windows for a number of things, so 0% Windows will never happen. I mean, is it unreasonable to want such important things out of a massively popular computing platform??

I really hope not because as much as I have come to dislike Vista, I am going to HAVE to use it eventually, that is unless Vista ends up being the new Windows Me and Microsoft releases the REAL next OS soon.


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  1. Go into User Accounts through the Control Panel and then Turn User Account Control On or Off. Turn that sucker off and you’ll be *much* happier.

    Did you get the 32bit or 64 bit version?

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