Burford’s Auto Care is Awesome!

Ok, so we bought our Nissan Pathfinder back in early 2007. We have had it for a year and it was time for an inspection. We bought it from CarMax and since this was a relatively newer car, we decided to let the dealership at it for the first inspection. How’d that go? Not Too Good! I sat around at the dealership for three hours while they inspected it (and changed the oil). Well, they said the wheel bearing was too loose and needed to be replaced and it would cost $250 to fix. I said NAY to that and told them to fail it. I left feeling pretty screwed since we had recently bought it and something like a wheel bearing should not be causing me trouble at this point.

By the by, the sunroof in the Pathfinder stopped working just after the 30 day warranty expired. I had Nissan look at that and found out that they wanted to replace the entire thing for a mere $1900! Seriously!? I also said NAY to that…. obviously…

Anyway, feeling sick about our newer car being in poor health, we took it to Burford’s Auto Care on Wilkinson Rd. I have been taking my cars there for years and figured they might have a different opinion about the situation.

They called me today and told me that the wheel bearing didn’t need to be replaced, only tightened. Fantastic! $45 instead of $250 is always a good thing. The bad news was that they found a leak in the exhaust system and it wasn’t something that they generally replaced, usually dealers handled it. They told me that Nissan did the same repair for another Nissan owner and it was $1200! Ouch, I was ready to go back to CarMax with a baseball bat at this point because the issue at hand had been there since day one of ownership, as it turned out.

I started calling CarMax to see if they would work with me on the issue. While waiting for them to call back, big surprise right, I got another call from Burford’s. It was David, the owner. He told me that his welding guy looked at it and thought it could be repaired if they took it off and welded the spot that was leaking. He said that if it worked, he would charge me $60, if it didn’t, he wasn’t going to charge me at all. $60 is WAY better than $1200 so I told him with excitement to give it a go!

Well, I got a call back a couple of hours later and the good ole Pathfinder was ready to go. The weld job fixed the problem and I had a shiny new inspection sticker on it!

I can’t explain how happy it made me. These guys have always been extremely fair when doing work on our cars. If you have not found a good, honest auto mechanic, give these guys a call next time you need work done on your car.

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Thanks Burford’s, you made my freaking week!

Burford’s Auto Care

214 Wilkinson Rd.

Richmond, VA



2 Comments on “Burford’s Auto Care is Awesome!

  1. Unfortunately, this was also the place that told me I needed all new brakes on my car. My dealership and another garage pretty much laughed when I told them that. That was two years ago and no brake problems whatsoever.

  2. I’m southside in Chesterfield and rely on a place called Auto Tune & Lube. Most think they only do oil changes and basic stuff, but sure have done a lot more for me – for really reasonable prices compared to elsewhere. Honest guys too.